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Access Performance Matters

Performance Matters is secure and requires login credentials. It also includes a demo mode so you can give presentations or demonstrations without displaying Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Sign in using the platform

Unless your district uses a custom domain service for single sign-on (for example, Active Directory), sign in directly through the Performance Matters URL.

The first time you sign in to Performance Matters, you are prompted to create a password and agree to the Terms of Service agreement.

  1. Enter the Performance Matters URL in your browser.

  2. Click Customer Login.

  3. Click Need Password? to establish your login credentials.

  4. Enter the email address linked to your account, then click Submit to receive an email with password instructions.

  5. Set your password, then return to the login page, enter your credentials, and click Login.

  6. You are required to accept the terms of a service agreement. Select I Agree to continue to the home page.

After you create a password and accept the terms of service agreement, enter your login credentials to proceed.

Sign in using district domain

Complete the following steps if your district uses a custom domain service for single sign-on purposes (for example, Active Directory).

  1. Enter your district login domain, then click Go.

  2. On your custom district login page, enter your district-provided login credentials.

Sign out

To sign out, click your initials, then choose Sign Out.

Time out

If you are inactive for 60 minutes, click Continue or Log Out in the Session Idle dialog box. If you do not click Continue, you are automatically logged out after five minutes.

The timeout does not automatically refresh the screen as a courtesy. Changes are not saved when time out causes a logout.

Use demo mode

If you are giving a demonstration or presentation with Performance Matters, use Demo Mode to hide Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This default mode obscures student names, student IDs, teacher names, and school names. Download reports are also disabled.

To set Demo Mode to active or inactive, click[your initials], then choose Demo Mode from the main navigation menu.

While in demo mode, personally identifiable information (PII) is replaced with hash marks.

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