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Create Review Boards

You can create review boards for an organization.

  1. Choose Admin from the main navigation menu, then choose New Review Board.
  2. Enter the review board Name and Description using the naming convention defined by your school district.
  3. Enter the review criteria. Reviewers must rank every criterion, so ensure each applies to all item types reviewed by this board.
  4. Determine the thresholds for item approval and rejection.

    The percent adjusts according to how many people are on the review board. The amount is fixed and does not change if members are added to or removed from the review board.

  5. Click Add/Remove members to manage the members of the review board.

    Before adding members, ensure that reviewer groups are created to establish permissions and menu securities for the group. Select the reviewer group as a member of the review board.

    1. Search to locate users, roles, or groups.

    2. Click Add for each new member.

    3. Click Save.
  6. Click Create, then click Continue to Edit.

Assign Permissions

Assign the following groups the Read permission for the review board:

  • Reviewer groups who are members of the review board.
  • Blueprint creators who will assign the review board to item assignments.

  1. Click Permissions.

  2. Click Add group.

  3. Choose users and groups.

    1. Search for the user or group using the Group Type, Organization, Description, or User's Groups (role).

    2. Click the user or group row.

      Press and hold the Ctrl or Cmd key to make multiple selections.

    3. Click OK.

  4. Select the permissions in the header to apply or remove the permissions for all users and groups. You can add or remove permissions from individual users or groups as needed.

  5. Click Save.

Permission levels

The following permissions determine what you can display and the available actions:

  • Read provides access to display objects.

  • Copy allows objects to be displayed and copied.

  • Update allows objects to be copied and updated.

  • Admin provides access to manage permissions. Users who have administrative permissions have access to all site objects.

  • Access allows users to display reporting data.

  • Report provides access to all reports associated with the object.

  • High_stakes_admin gives access to any objects with the high stakes attribute.

  • File_uploader provides the ability to upload files.

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