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Create SLOs or SGOs

Follow these steps to create a Student Learning Objective (SLO) or Student Growth Objective (SGO).

Define the Properties

  1. From the main navigation menu, select SLO/SGO, then New SLO/SGO.
  2. On the Properties tab, enter the SLO/SGO Title.

    Include the teacher's name and course type in the title for improved searchability and identification.

  3. Select the School Year, School, Grade, Teacher, Course, Class, and Element. You can enter multiple values for grades, courses, and classes.

    Only district and school administrators have multiple choices for School and Teacher. The only choices for teachers are their school and name. Elements are created by the district and uploaded to the site.

  4. Enter descriptions in SLO/SGO, Rationale, and Baseline Data. Use the resizing corner to expand the text boxes as needed for the display.

  5. Enter the Meeting Dates and Purpose. Click the plus icon to add a meeting. Click the minus icon to remove a meeting.
  6. Click Save.

Define the Attributes

  1. Click the Attributes tab.
  2. Select a cut Band and test Source.
  3. Choose the post test for the SLO or SGO.
    1. Click Select.
    2. Search for the test name or ID.
    3. Click Select for the desired test.
  4. In SLO Test Properties, select a Formula. Depending on your choice, enter additional properties. Refer to SLO or SGO Formulas for more information on formulas and their variables.

    If you select a baseline test to accommodate a formula, the list of associated standards is narrowed to all standards associated with both the post and baseline tests.

  5. Optionally, click X to remove the associated standard from consideration for this SLO or SGO. Removed standards are highlighted in the list of standards. Click the highlighted standards to restore them to the SLO or SGO if needed.
  6. Click Save.

Download the SLO

You can download a PDF copy of the SLO or SGO that includes information from the Properties and Attributes tabs.

  1. Click PDF.
  2. In the SLO Report PDF dialog, select whether to include student details. If you choose to include this information, a longer report is generated that includes the student population and their respective status.
  3. Click OK to download the file.

Create Bands

If you cannot find a band that meets your needs, you can create a new one.

  1. Click Bands.
  2. Click Create New SLO Band. Alternatively, you can click Edit to modify an existing performance band.

  3. Enter the title for the band. Administrators can select Public to allow others to use the band.
  4. Optionally, click on a color block to review its current values.
  5. Determine how many total cuts the bands needs, then make the necessary changes:

    • To add cuts, click Add Cut Band.
    • To remove cuts, first, click the color block to select it, and then click Remove Cut Band.
  6. Modify the values of each cut.
    1. Click on a color block and update its values.
    2. Click Update Cut Bands.
    3. Repeat these steps for each cut that needs changes.
  7. After finalizing the values for each cut, click Save Changes.

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