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Impersonate a Student in Online Testing

Impersonating a student in Online Testing lets you preview the student testing experience, enter responses on a student's behalf, and troubleshoot issues.

Users who are assigned Administrator permissions can impersonate students for any test available for online administration, even if a test's settings do not explicitly have Online Testing Impersonation enabled.

  1. Navigate to the online testing system using the URL provided to you for your district.
  2. Log in as yourself using your school's login method.
    • You can log in using a PowerSchool login.
      1. Click the Teacher Login tab.
      2. Click Login.
      3. Enter your assigned username and password.
      4. Click Login.
    • You can log in using an active directory login.
      1. Click Login to access your school's sign-in portal.
      2. Enter your assigned username and password.
  3. Choose the student to impersonate.
    1. Enter criteria in the Search field to locate the student. Only students to whom you have access are listed.
    2. Select the student.
  4. Click the student's name or ID to impersonate them.

    The impersonated student's name and the Impersonation icon are displayed in the header to confirm that you are in impersonation mode.

  5. Choose from the student's Available Tests.
  6. Click the Impersonation icon to end the impersonation.

Any answers you enter or change while impersonating a student are recorded and saved on behalf of that student.

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