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Impersonate a User

Impersonating a user allows you to access that specific user's account as if you had logged in as them.

  1. Choose Admin from the main navigation menu, then choose Impersonate User.
  2. Type the name, email address, or user ID in the search field that displays.

  3. Optionally, choose from All Groups to limit your choices to a specific group.

    • To search for parent users to impersonate, click All Groups and select Parent Users.
    • If a user has not logged into Performance Matters and accepted the terms and agreements, they will not display as an available user to impersonate.
  4. To impersonate, click the user's name.

Your impersonation status and the user you are impersonating display under your name. When you finish impersonating a user, click your initials, then choose Cancel Impersonation.

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