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Monitor Scoring Assignment Status

You can use Scoring Assignment Summary to monitor the status or review a summary of the scoring assignments you have permission to access.

  1. From the main navigation menu, choose Tests, then Scoring Assignment Summary.
  2. Click Chart View or Table View to choose a display format for the scoring assignments.
  3. Statistics are presented by item scoring status. Review the statistics.

    A labeled circle graph indicates the statistics provided for an item scoring status.

    AItem scoring status
    BNumber of items in this scoring status that are overdue
    CTotal number of items in this scoring status
    DNumber of items in this status associated with tests with open scoring
    ENumber of items in this status associated with tests with pending scoring
  4. Search to filter the results, then click the carets to expand and collapse the details for a specific scoring assignment.

    Based on your permissions, you can review, edit, delete or assign permissions for the scoring assignment.

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