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Student and Parent Portal

Use the Student and Parent Portal to display student information.

Student Information

Parents who have more than one student can choose which student to display.

Click Contact Teacher to select and email a student's teacher.

Click Contact Info to display the student's contact information.

Student Detail

  1. Click Student Detail to display the student's schedule grades, attendance, and discipline information. Your district determines the information that is displayed.
  2. Click on a column header to sort by the data in that column.

Common Test Results

  1. Click Common Test Results to display the student's results for assessments administered through Performance Matters:
  2. Click Select one or more course types.
  3. Choose at least one course type.
  4. Enter Search criteria to find a specific test.
  5. Click Test Review.

    Choice Interaction item types display the student's responses and the correct responses. Technology Enhanced Interactions and Rubric-Scored Interactions are not supported in the Test Review at this time. For these interactions, click Test Review to display the student's responses. The correct responses and scores are not displayed.

  6. Click the plus sign in the test row to display the standards assessed on a test.


  1. Click Observational to display the student's results for observational assessments administered through Performance Matters.
  2. Choose an assessment to display each Measure, Color Association, Measure Response, and Standards.

State Results

  1. Click State Results to display state test results.
  2. Click the plus sign to display scores by strand. Click X to restore the default display.
  3. Click Show all scores to display the achievement levels.

Additional Results

  1. Click Additional Results to display additional scores and related assessment details.
  2. Enter Search criteria to find a specific test.
  3. Choose a Measure Category to filter test results. You can select multiple categories.

  4. Click a column header to sort the data in that column.

Teacher Feedback

  1. Click Teacher Feedback to display teacher feedback for a test. This option is displayed if your district enables teacher Feedback.
  2. Choose a test to display. Only test items that include teacher feedback are displayed.

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