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Test Lockout

Some tests include the Secure Test Lockout feature, which locks the test if the student leaves the test browser window. Students are cautioned in the instructions or start page and receive a warning if they leave the browser window.

The following keyboard shortcuts are disabled to prevent capturing but do not trigger the secure test lockout:

  • Windows + Shift + S (Windows 10 command to screenshot)

  • PrtScn button + any other button (Windows command)

  • CTRL+ PrtScn (full-screen to clipboard on Windows)

  • Windows + PrtScn (full-screen saved filed on Windows)

  • Alt + PrtScn (active window on Windows)

  • Shift + CMD + 4 (window screenshot on a Mac)

  • Shift + CMD + 3 (full-screen screenshot on a Mac)

  • F8 (if configured to capture a screenshot in your district)

  • Ctrl + Switch Window key on Chromebook

The student has five seconds to select Dismiss and return to the test browser window. If they do not return before the countdown ends, the test is locked, and students must have a teacher or test proctor unlock the test.

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