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Text to Speech

Students who need assistance reading test information on the online testing platform can use the Text to Speech tool.

Enable the Tool

A teacher or test administrator must enable Text to Speech in the online testing platform.

Enable Text to Speech from the test editor page or from the online testing platform.

Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, and Translation must be enabled from the test editor page.

  1. Log in to the online testing platform.
  2. Click the student's initials, then choose Accessibility.
  3. Select Text to Speech.
  4. Select On.
  5. Click Done.

Use the Tool

  1. After you enable Text to Speech, a toolbar is available for students that includes the options you chose during test configuration. Position the toolbar on the screen as you choose.
  2. Highlight any text and click Play.
  3. Listen to the voice as it begins reading the question and answers automatically. You have the following options:
      • Click the finger pointer, then click anywhere in the text to begin reading aloud.
      • Click Play to restart the reading
      • Pause or Stop the reading, as needed.
      • Click Translation to display the translation of the highlighted word.
      • Click Dictionary to display a list of definitions for the highlighted word.
      • Click the Picture Dictionary to display a visual representation of the highlighted word.
      • Click the magnifying glass to display the selected text in the header in an enlarged font size.
      • Click the gear icon to adjust the settings, including the voice speed, the text highlight for greater contrast, speech mode, and text magnifier size.

    Use the volume control on your device to adjust the volume of the voice.

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