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Understand Online Testing Statuses

The following table provides additional details, including the causes and actions for each status displayed on the Online Testing Welcome page.

Online Testing Welcome Page

Possible test statuses include:

  • Available
  • Paused
  • On Hold
  • Locked
  • Submitted

Available Tests

The test list displays a test in Available status.


The test is released to the student.

Click Start.

Paused Tests

The test list displays a test in Paused status.

  • The student paused the test.
  • A test administrator paused the test manually in OLA Student Admin.
Click Resume.

Tests On Hold

The test list displays a test in On Hold status.

  • The student is attempting to access the test outside of the set daily time availability.
  • The date and time of the device used to take the test determine whether the test is in the administration window. The device is set to the incorrect time zone.
  • The student must access the test during the daily time availability. If needed, you can adjust the daily time availability under Administration Window in the Administration tab of the Edit Test dialog box.
  • Adjust the time zone on the student's device.

Locked Tests

The test list displays a test in Locked status.

  • The test includes Enable Test Secure Lockout, and the student navigated out of the testing window.
  • A test administrator manually locked the test through OLA Student Admin.
Unlock the test through  OLA Student Admin or the Teacher Authorization option in Online Testing.

Submitted Tests

image of the Submitted Tests portion of the Welcome Screen

  • The student submitted the test using the Submit option.
  • The administrator moved the student's test to submitted in OLA Student Admin.
Performance Matters is processing the test.
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