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Use Text Editor

The text editor displays when you click into a text entry field. The following table describes the tools within the editor.


image of the cut, copy, and paste text icons

Cut, copy, and paste text.

image of the undo and redo icons

Undo and redo changes.

image of the insert table, horizontal line, and special character icons

Insert a table, horizontal line, and special character.

image of the math editor icon

Insert a math equation using the math editor.

image of of font format icons.

Format font. Hover over an icon for a description.

image of font button

Choose from fonts of sans-serif, serif, and fixed-width.

image of size button

Choose from several font sizes.

image of icons to insert a numbered list, bulleted list, and blockquote to format text

Format text as a numbered list, bulleted list, and blockquote.

image of text alignment icons

Align text left, centered, right, and justified.
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