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Create Intervention Plans

Intervention plans are the templates that staff members will use to create interventions. You must have permission to create or edit intervention plans.

Create Intervention Plan

  1. From the Utility Apps menu, select MTSS Interventions.
  2. Navigate to the Intervention Bank tab, and click Create a New Intervention Plan.
  3. Enter a Plan Title.
  4. Select if the plan will be Public or Private. Only the plan creator can use private plans.
  5. Select the Schools that will have access to the plan.
  6. Choose the plan Level, Type, and Subtype.
  7. Enter the Funding Source, Description, Purpose of the plan, additional Plan details, and the Outcome Target.
  8. Select if the plan will be a Scheduled plan or Untimed.
    1. If you select a scheduled plan, enter the required meeting schedule. This is an enforced schedule that the interventionist must meet.
  9. If needed, add Student Support Resources.
    Resources added to an Intervention Plan will be added to subsequent interventions created from the plan. Intervention editors can remove these resources and add or remove additional resources within an intervention.
  10. Add plan Goals or click Save.

Add Goals

  1. In the intervention, under the goal section, enter a Goal Name and Objective.
  2. Select a Score Type.
  3. Enter the Target score.
  4. Select if the goal will be scored using a numeric or alpha type. The score type determines the type of charts used to display intervention progress.
  5. Click Save Goal. You must save each goal separately to apply them to the intervention plan. 
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