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Proximity to Cut Score

What are students' proximity to the nearest graduation probability cut point?

A student's probability of on-time graduation can be seen in conjunction with the cut points for all risk levels. This allows you to quickly identify students who may be close to moving between categories.

TypeColumn Label / Definition


The most currently provided student picture.


Student ID

The student's code or ID number for the SIS system. This is padded with proceeding zeros to seven positions (e.g., 82901 becomes 0082901).



The student's full name: last name, first name, middle initial, and suffix (Kirk, James T. Jr.)



The student's grade level.



Probability of On-time Graduation

The calculated value for the given prediction factor.


Risk Level

High, Moderate, and Low are the levels of risk calculated. Cut scores for high, moderate, and low risk can be found on the Cut Scores - Risk Analysis dashboard.


Cutpoint Proximity

The student's standing in the risk level. Values will be either "Nearing" the next or previous risk category, or will read as "In." "Nearing" indicates that the student is close to the cut score for their current category. "In" indicates that they are not close to moving between categories.


Low Cut

Low cut shows the smallest the data element can be and still fall into that specific risk category.


High Cut

High cut shows the largest the data element can be and still fall into that specific risk category.

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