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Release - February 2023

PowerSchool Unified Insights version is available as of 2/25/2023.


Product AreaSummaryRelease Note

Updated state-specific query (NM)

The state-specific query for New Mexico has been updated to display Title 1 students:

{{Title1 - [S_NM_STU_ProgramFact_C] PROGRAMCODE (Y/N, Y - T1A, T1APR, T1AND, T1D, T1C and else - N)}}

Resolved Issues

Product AreaSummaryRelease Note

Academics, Core Subjects Summary

Query timeout issues

Core Subjects Summary dashboard queries were optimized to minimize joins within a new metric base to correct reported timeout issues and significantly improve performance.

Academics, Standards by Grade

Standards not displayed for all school years

Due to an issue with double quotes not stamping correctly into the curriculum file extract, the file was not loaded into the Data Warehouse staging tables. As a result, not all standards were displayed for all school years. This has been corrected.

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