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Release - January 2024

PowerSchool Unified Insights version is available as of 1/20/2023.


Product area


Release note


Added new drill-through template pagination to improve performance for large-scale customers

Added new pagination function to HTML table drill-through templates to improve loading of large row counts of results.  This new feature defaults for record counts greater than 4,000 rows, and is configurable based on the needs of the customer. This feature was added to improve the end-user experience with better performance of the drill-through templates.


Score Search missing full filter options in Assessment dashboard

Users will now see the detailed drop-down filter options in all the UIHN visuals including Score Search under the Assessment dashboard.


Updated Behavior mapping

Customers can now send incident data configured as ProblemBehavior within the SIS behavior log entry. Through Unified Insights, they can enable a back-end flag named “LogEntriesOption1_with_ProblemBehavior” to include the ProblemBehavior incident data in metrics.


SPED filed logic has now been updated for New Hampshire (NH) State.

The SPED filed logic has now been updated to the below from generic query for New Hampshire (NH) State-specific queries:

[S_STU_CRDC_X]IDEA_YN (Y/N, Y - Y  else - N)


Visibility of Secured Interventions in Analytics Dashboards

None of our Intervention Analytics dashboards displays Interventions or students linked to Interventions labelled as Secured. An Intervention can be designated as secured by one of two methods: marking the Type as secure within the associated plan or designating the plan's level as secure.

Resolved issues

Product area


Release note


Improved performance of 'My District/Schools AP Enrollment’ metric.

The performance of the visual ‘Essentials’ → ‘Academics’ → ‘AP’ →  ‘My District/Schools AP Enrollment’ has now been improved by optimizing the metric queries.


Issue for Exported Excel, CSV, & PDF reports missing column headers

Corrected issue with back-end configuration to consistently display all column headers in exported Excel, CSV, and PDF reports metrics and drill-through reports.


Issue with filtering on percentage values within HTML column headers

Enhanced the logic used in column header filters to better handle percentage values to convert from decimal to percentage values to match the expected displayed values.


Improved performance and error handling in the ‘Score Search’ metric.

Users will now see an improved performance of the visual ‘Essentials’ →  ‘Assessments’ →  ‘Score Search’ without any error. 


Attendance data issue for tenants after Snowflake migration.

The issue has now been addressed and the Attendance data is now populating correctly for all the tenants after Snowflake migration. 

District Configuration

District Configuration saving issue for Course Subjects for multi-district customers

Corrected issue for District Configuration app's Course Subject mapping display not saving for multi-district customers.

Student Plans

Student Plans issue not printing all text from text boxes with scroll bars

Corrected issue with printing Student Plans when scroll bars are displayed in text boxes to show all content on printed PDFs.

Student Plans

Student Plans Printing issue for Firefox browser with Student Plans tabs 

Corrected Printing issue for Student Plans so all tabs print on different page for all browsers, which previously were not consistent for the Firefox browser.

Student Plans

Student Plans Printing issue not printing all text from text boxes in PDF

Corrected issue with all text boxes (WYSIWYG) to expand to show all content on printed PDFs.

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