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Release - May 2024

PowerSchool Unified Insights version is available as of 5/18/2024.

New features



Attendance and Behavior data retrieval for MTSS intervention goals

Attendance and behavior (incidents and actions) goal data can now be set for the intervention plan:

  1. Select a plan goal.

  2. Click Set Goal Data.

  3. Choose the Attendance or Behavior data type.

  4. Make your selections and click Set Data.

  5. Click Save Goal.

Interventions linked with the plan will auto-populate fields with preset values.

Modified prepopulated fields

While retrieving data for attendance and behavior (incidents and actions), if the user modifies a prepopulated field, they are given the option to delink the set goal data reference from the plan. Delinking means the intervention is no longer linked to the plan and will behave independently. The intervention is prepopulated based on whatever parameters the user saved after delinking.

Note that the system ensures district-specific data retrieval for multi-district tenants and district-specific retrieval for single-district tenants. Detailed options and parameters cater to various user preferences for defining time frames and behavior types.

MTSS goal score refresh

A new “Refresh Data“ button was added to the intervention Goals section to refresh goal scores based on the configuration of the plan’s goal data or the settings used to retrieve goal data. You can refresh goal scores for every meeting date.  


Product area


Release note

Academics, Achievement

Timeout issue


Resolved a timeout issue in Achievement metrics by optimizing query joins, ensuring smooth loading of grade distribution data for larger customers.


Updated SQL query

The user extract SQL query in AWS and Azure was updated to ensure compatibility with SIS enhancements supporting multiple identity providers.


Updated Staff filter

The Staff filter now only displays the top 500 staff members across standard content, ensuring expected filter behavior without impacting features.

Classroom, Students

Updated Students dashboards



The Classroom Search module was updated as follows:

  • Renamed “Search” module to “Students”

  • Renamed “Student Search” dashboard to “Student List”

  • Added new “Student Datawall” dashboard

Risk Analysis
Student Plans

Renamed Overview dashboards

Enhanced the dashboard navigation and accessibility by renaming "Overview" dashboards to provide clearer, module-specific insights.


Updated state-specific query (CA)


The logic for retrieving the primary language has been updated for Unified Insights in accordance with California (CA) State:
[S_CA_STU_ELA_C]PrimaryLanguage - If present pull the primary language else we will keep it blank


Updated state-specific query (CT)

The Plan 504 query logic for Connecticut (CT) has been updated as follows:
[S_STU_CRDC_X].Section504_YN ( If '1' then Y, else N)


Updated state-specific query (MA)


The logic for retrieving the primary and home language has been updated for Unified Insights in accordance with Massachusetts (MA) State.

For primary language:

For home language:


Updated state-specific query (OK)


The logic for retrieving the primary SPED has been updated for Unified Insights in accordance with Oklahoma (OK) State:
[S_OK_STU_X]IDEA (Y/N, Y - YES, Yes, Y  else - N)


Updated state-specific query (TN)

The ELL query logic for Tennessee (TN) has been updated as follows:
[S_TN_STU_X]ELB (Y/N, Y - L, W, 1 ,2 and else - N)


New Grade View filter

A new Grade View filter was added to allow users to toggle between viewing currently enrolled students and cohort annualized students in Essentials dashboards.

Essentials, Attendance

Updated metric

The Attendance Trends metric on the Attendance Overview dashboard now has a dynamic y-axis range, as well as background colors consistent with Chronic Absence levels.

Essentials, Behavior

Updated metric column category


To resolve a display issue of ‘--' for action groups, the metric column category was updated to 'Discipline_Action_Type_Code' on metric "How is our use of actions changing week over week?"

Essentials/Classroom,  Attendance

Updated metrics labels

To improve user clarity, the “Semester” field was renamed to “Term” in all relevant Attendance metrics under Essentials and Classroom.

Risk Analysis

Updated behavior metrics


Behavior-related metrics now exclusively consider “offenders” students for incidents and actions across various Essentials, Classroom, and Risk Analysis dashboards.

MTSS Interventions

District names in plan preview

To improve readability, the district names on state-level plans (in multi-district tenants) are now displayed in a single line, truncated by an ellipsis if needed. Hovering over the line displays a tooltip with the complete list of district names.

MTSS Interventions

Enhanced visibility for state-level plans



In a multi-district tenant, state-level users with access to create state-level plans can now select the districts where they want the plan to be visible. When users select the State-level checkbox to make the plan visible in multiple districts, all available districts are listed in a dropdown menu. Users can then select specific districts from the dropdown, making the plan visible only to users within those districts. Plans will be invisible to users outside the selected districts.

MTSS Interventions

Enhanced Plan School Selection

Schools selected for an intervention plan are now displayed as dismissible chips. When previewing an intervention plan, the selected schools appear in a single line, truncated by an ellipsis if needed. Hovering over the line displays a tooltip with the complete list of selected schools.

MTSS Interventions

Updated District Manager role

Previously, the District Managers role allowed access to interventions from entire districts. Now, users with the District Managers role can only access interventions for schools they have access to in SIS. If a school is not assigned to the user, they will not be able to see the interventions of students from different schools.

Risk Analysis Analytics

Low GPA display issue

Resolved a low GPA display issue in Risk Analysis by adjusting connector customization for mark_numeric value attributes, ensuring accurate data representation.

Resolved issues

Product area


Release note


Disappearing labels in donut charts

Fixed an issue where labels disappeared when clicking or hovering over donut chart metrics.


Export issue

There was an issue with exporting an HTML table where the background colors were not applied. The issue is fixed.


Updated external PD services

Updated the external PD services setup to resolve an issue where clicking the Integrated PD drop-down links redirected the user to the Infobase login page instead of the PD documentation.

Attendance Analytics

Query error


Fixed an issue and improved performance when pagination has to rerun the query to get the data that was previously failing with a query error.

Classroom, Academics

Grade level display issue


Academics dashboards within the Classroom module now accurately display relevant grade levels on the x-axis, with empty cell suppression set to ‘Both’ for improved data clarity.

District Configuration

Edit mode issue

Fixed an issue in the District Configuration application where users were able to select dropdown values without being in Edit mode.

District Configuration, Enrollment

Record update issue

Fixed an issue where both CONFORMANCE tables for Student Status were not being updated in the District Configuration app.

MTSS Interventions

Add students in MTSS using student group

Users can now add students using the "Add Student from Group" feature in MTSS interventions. Users with permission to create and modify students in an intervention can add students in bulk using the group functionality.

MTSS Interventions

Updated UI for MTSS Browser role

Buttons to create or edit interventions plan are no longer displayed to users with an MTSS Browser role. Previously, the buttons were displayed and caused an error when clicked.

MTSS Student Plans

Issue with "Other" option

Fixed an issue in Student Plans where selected options were cleared when the “Other” option was selected, and the user started typing in the text field.

MTSS Student Plans

Improvement Plans

Updated banner colors

The colors of the Improvement Plans and MTSS Student Plans banners were updated to match the Unified Insights banner.

Student Plans

Attendance percentages issue

Fixed the Student Plans attendance query to match the student profile attendance percentage for consistency between dashboards and the Student Plans application.

Student Profile, Overview

Missing School Year column

The School Year column was added to metric “Multi-Year Absence Trends by Term” on the Overview dashboard.

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