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Student Data Wall

Which students are showing risk?

A by-student breakdown of all individual factors. “No data” in a square indicates that the specific data element is missing for a student. A blank square indicates that risk is not being calculated for that data element. For more information about the cut scores for individual factors, see the Cut Scores - Risk Analysis dashboard. 

TypeColumn Label / Definition

Risk Level

High, Moderate, and Low are the levels of risk calculated. Cut scores for high, moderate, and low risk can be found on the Cut Scores - Risk Analysis dashboard. List of possible factors:

  • Composite
  • Attendance in Last 180 Days of Enrollment
  • Attendance in Last 30 Days of Enrollment
  • Classroom Credits Year to Date
  • Classroom GPA Year to Date
  • Discipline in Last 180 Days of Enrollment
  • Discipline in Last 30 Days of Enrollment
  • Interim Assessment ELA
  • Interim Assessment Math
  • State Assessment ELA
  • State Assessment Math

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