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Access Schoology Course Content from Planner

Many student-facing resources are created directly in Schoology. If classes in your planner are linked to courses in Schoology, this allows teachers to access a link in your planner that goes directly to relevant Schoology course content, and allows administrators to see what Schoology content a teacher has created for a given class on a given date (this includes discussions, events, assignments, and assessments).

This support article will show you how to access Schoology content from the lesson planner (for teachers) and the lesson feedback feature (for administrators).

From the Lesson Planner - Teachers

  1. Open the lesson you want to access materials for and click the Schoology icon.
  2. If you haven't yet linked your class to Schoology, you will be prompted to sign in and select the Schoology course you want to be linked to this class.
  3. The materials you have assigned to this course in Schoology for this date are displayed. Click the name of the material to navigate to its page in Schoology, or click All Materials to navigate to the Materials page for the entire course.

From Lesson Feedback - Administrators

  1. Navigate to the lesson you wish to view from either the Give Lesson Feedback tab in your Admin panel, or by viewing the teacher's account and navigating to the specific lesson.
  2. Click Lesson Details. You will see links for the class's learning materials for this date.

If the teacher has not yet linked their class to Schoology or no materials are assigned to this date, you will see a message displaying so.

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