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Add classes or non-teaching blocks to timetable

Before you can start planning your lessons, you must set up your timetable and schedule so that you will know which lessons to plan for which date and time.

This article talks about adding classes to your Timetable; however, there are other things you can do within this view so that your rotation schedule is exactly as you want it.

  • Remove classes: If you need to take a class away from one of your blocks, select it and click the X in the upper right of the class.
  • Move classes: If the times for one or more blocks have changed and you need to move them around, there are two ways you can accomplish that. Click on the block in question, and a dialog will appear, allowing you to change the start and end times. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the block to its new day and time.
  • Create new classes: If you need to schedule a class that hasn't been created, you can use the left panel to add new classes for this school year.

Sometimes you will need to add another class to your timetable. This may be needed if you're given another class after setting up your semester. 

Access the timetable

To access your timetable, open the Lessons menu, then click Timetable.

If you make changes, they will take effect from the day you make edits moving forward. Past dates will not be impacted. 

Set Your rotation schedule

Your rotation schedule is the number of days your timetable is and how long it takes to repeat itself. For example:

  • if you have the same thing every day, you have a Daily rotation schedule
  • An A/B rotation would be a 2 Days rotation schedule
  • If you have a class every Wednesday while the rest of your schedule is the same every day, you have a Weekly rotation schedule
  • Some schools have four-, five-, or even six-day rotations. 

Set rotation

  1. Click the Change Rotation button on the Timetable page.
  2. Adjust your rotation schedule.
    • Adjusting your Rotation Schedule will impact how many days are shown in the main area on the Timetable page. You can change the number of rotation days/weeks with a preview of how this schedule would appear in your planner. Click the plus or minus buttons next to the number of days to add or remove rotation days, or click on I need a multi-week rotation to add multiple weeks.
    • If you have the Off-days affect rotation enabled, your rotation will shift forward due to scheduled off-days in your semester.
  3. Click Continue to apply your changes.

Schedule or add a class

On the left-hand side, you'll notice the list of your classes. Classes that are already on your timetable will list the days of your rotation they are currently scheduled on, while those that are not yet on your timetable are labeled as Unscheduled.

Add a class

If you haven't yet created the class you can create it and add it to your Timetable.

  1. Click the + Add a Class button to create a new class or non-teaching period.
  2. Select a class option.
  3. On the Create a Class dialog, enter a name and choose a color for the new class.
  4. Click Create to add this class to your list for scheduling.

Schedule a class

There are multiple ways to schedule classes on your timetable, so choose the method that works best for you.

Option 1 - Drag and drop method: 

  1. Click on the subject you wish to schedule and drag it onto its desired position on the timetable.
  2. You can edit the class length after it has been placed by dragging the two lines that appear on the bottom of the block. The next time you drag and drop a class, the length will default to the most common length used on the timetable.

Option 2 - Schedule in bulk: 

  1. Click the scheduling icon to the right of the class you would like to schedule.
  2. Select the start and end times of the class, as well as the rotation days that you have this class in your timetable. You can enter the start and end times by typing in the time field or clicking the clock icons.
    • If your class appears at different times for each day, it may be easiest to schedule all instances for the same time and then move the blocks into the correct time slots.
  3. Click Schedule when finished.

Option 3 - Draw method: 

  1. Click and drag a box on the timetable.
  2. Select a class to add.
  3. Select the start and end times.

Schedule the remaining classes on your timetable.

Remove a class from the timetable

If you need to remove a class from your timetable, move your cursor to the scheduled block and click the X.

Move classes on the timetable

Once a class has been added to your timetable, you can move the block on your timetable by clicking on it and dragging it into a new position.

To edit the length of a class on your timetable, you can click on the two lines at the bottom of each block and drag them up and down.

The planner supports overlapping classes. Schedule classes with overlapping start and end times, and they'll appear side-by-side on the timetable. Blocks will be organized by start time and class length (shortest to longest) on the timetable and planner. 

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