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Schedule Concurrent Classes

You may teach a class with a split grade level or two different classes being taught concurrently. This article will show you how to add two different classes into the same time slot on your timetable to separate the content in your lesson planner.

The planner fully supports overlapping classes. Blocks will be organized by start time and class length (shortest to longest) on the timetable and planner.

  1. Open the Lessons menu, then click Timetable.
  2. Use your preferred scheduling method to add your classes to the timetable. You can drag and drop your classes from the list on the left, schedule classes in bulk by clicking the schedule icon to the right of your class name, or click and drag boxes directly onto the timetable.
    Whichever scheduling method you use, classes with overlapping start or end times will automatically overlap on the timetable.
  3. If you want to move two classes that have already been scheduled into the same time slot, you can click and drag them into the same position and edit the length as necessary.
    The timetable will only display up to three concurrent blocks on your schedule. If you have several classes scheduled within the same time frame, any additional classes will be hidden in an overflow menu to the right of the time frame. Click the grey block to view the additional classes, edit their details, or drag them into different time slots.
  4. Click Save Changes to apply the changes to your timetable.
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