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Create a Non-Teaching Block

Non-teaching blocks are perfect for things that aren't classes (e.g. Lunch, Recess, etc), as they allow you to enter them into your timetable, without the bulk of the lesson planning editing feature. Non-teaching blocks do not have a content field so do not need templates, attachments, standards or other links associated with them - they are simply placeholders in your timetable.

  1. Open the Lessons menu, then click Timetable.
  2. Click the + Add a Class button, then click Non-Teaching Period.
  3. Enter a name and choose a color for the new non-teaching period. You can click on the color picker icon for more color options. Click Create to add this non-teaching period.

To add it to your timetable, follow the steps on how to insert a class into your timetable.

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