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Export Calendar to Google

This is a feature available to Chalk Gold subscribers and teachers whose schools are subscribed to the Instruction Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

This article will show you how to export your timetable to an existing Google Calendar. You'll be able to review your scheduled classes alongside your personal daily calendars and have access to your scheduled lessons.

Changes made to the schedule of your exported calendar from Google Calendar will not be reflected in your planner. You will need to update your timetable to reschedule the classes in your lesson planner.

  1. Open the Lessons menu, then click Timetable.
  2. Click the Export button, then click Google Calendar

    You can export your calendar for other semesters by selecting them from the drop-down menu, then clicking Export Calendar. You can only have one semester's calendar exported at a time, and will be prompted to unlink the previous calendars before proceeding.
  3. Sign into your Google account, and click Allow to grant permission to access your Calendar.
  4. Click Export to begin the export process.
    The export process may take upwards of several minutes, but you will receive a notification when it has completed.
    • The exported schedule will appear on your list of calendars in Google Calendar with the title of your semester.
    • You can update the name and color of your calendar from within Google Calendar, but any scheduling changes will not be reflected in your planner.
    • You can click on the events on the calendar to view a link to your lesson. Clicking these links will take you to the editable lesson in the Week Planner and allow you to review your planned content for your classes.

Once your schedule is linked with Google Calendar, any changes made to the Timetable or any custom daily schedules in your planner will automatically be sent to Google Calendar.

The syncing process takes some time, so don't be alarmed if your updated timetable doesn't immediately appear in Google Calendar.

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