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Export Lesson Planner Standards Usage

Often you'll want quick access to your standard sets and usage of those standard sets outside of Curriculum and Instruction. The Standard Export feature allows you to move your standards (and the associated usage) to PDF and CSV (Comma-Separated Value) formats.

Export Menu

  1. From the Lessons menu, choose Standards.
    This will bring you to the Standards page. The Standards page displays the standards usage for all classes.
  2. Select the class you want to view, then click Export.
    This will bring up the Standards Export Window. There are a couple of required and optional steps before you can export your standards.
  3. On the Export Usage page, select both the classes and the standards that you want to include in the export.
    1. Required export settings: 
      1. ClickSections to Export and select the classes you want to include.
      2. Click Curriculum Sets to Export and select the standards you want to include.
    2. Optional export settings:
      1. Click Print Options and select your print settings.
  4. Select the export type format. The format defaults to PDF, but you can switch it to CSV.
  5. Click the Export button.

Print Options

Sort By changes the order that the standards appear in:

  • First Standard to Last will sort in ascending order of the code.
  • Last Standard to First will sort in descending order of the code.
  • First In Use, Then Not In Use will put all the standards that have been used before standards that have not been used.
  • First Not In Use, Then In Use will put all the standards that have not been used before standards that have been used.

Filters change the standards that appear:

  • None will not filter the standards, and all of them will appear.
  • In Use Only will only output standards that have been used in at least one lesson.
  • Not In Use Only will only output standards that have not been used in at least one lesson.

Margins change the space between the edge of the page and the beginning of the content on the PDF. One-InchHalf-Inch, and Minimal margins are available.

Print in color will toggle whether or not to use color on the export.

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