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Invite or Manage Team Members

As a team lead, you can invite your colleagues to your team, manage your available seats, and assign a new team lead.

Invite Team Members

  1. From your Profile menu, choose Account Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Billing tab.
  3. In the My Team section, choose to Invite Members.

    If your team is at full capacity, you will need to purchase more seats.
  4. On the Invite Team Members page, enter the email addresses of the colleagues you want to invite to your team, then click Send Invitations.

Your colleagues will receive emails with activation links they will use to join your team.

While the signup is pending, you can click the three dots menu for the team member to either resend or cancel the invitation. Once an invitation has been canceled, the activation link in the sent email will be invalid, and you will need to re-invite that member in the future.

Manage Seats

  1. In the section containing information on your current team on the Billing page, click Manage Seats.

    If your team is at full capacity, this button will be labeled Purchase Seats.
  2. On the Manage Seats page, you can use the arrows to adjust the number of seats in your team. Your next bill will be prorated to reflect any seats you have removed partway through this billing cycle. Increases in team size will be immediately charged to the current payment method.
  3. Click Update Team & Billing.

Assign a New Team Lead

The Team Lead role has permission to manage invitations, seats, and billing information for your team. There can only be one team lead at a time and is automatically assigned to the user who created the Chalk Team. 

To change the team lead:

  1. In the section containing information on your current team on the Billing page, click the three dots menu for the team member you want to assign the Team Lead role, then click Assign Lead.
  2. Review the warning tags and indicate that you have read them. Once you have indicated that you have read all warnings, select Transfer Leadership
  3. You have the option to remove your payment information or leave it for future billing cycles. Select one of the payment options to finish transferring leadership.

    Removing your payment information from the team does not cancel your team's subscription or issue a refund for the remaining balance. Your new team lead must update the payment information before your team's next billing cycle to retain the use of sharing and premium features.
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