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Leave a Team

When you leave a Chalk Team, you will immediately lose access to the shared lessons in Resources, will no longer be able to share lessons with other team members, and will lose access to all Chalk Gold features. If you are currently the Team Lead, you must first assign a new Team Lead

  1. From your Profile menu, choose Account Settings.

  2. Navigate to the Billing tab.

  3. In the section containing information on your current team, click the three dots next to your name, then choose Leave Team.

  4. Review the warning tags and indicate that you have read them. Once you have indicated that you have read all warnings, select Leave Team.

Your account will revert to the Chalk Basic subscription plan, and you will receive an email confirmation that you have left your Chalk Team. If you want access to Chalk Gold features, you can sign up for an individual Chalk Gold subscription.

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