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Link Curriculum Map to Lesson Planner Class

This is part of our Curriculum & Instruction Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

Once you publish your curriculum map, you’re ready to connect your map to your lesson planner. 

  1. From the Lessons menu, choose Timetable.
  2. Move the pointer over the class you want to edit and click the Edit icon (gear).
  3. On the Edit Class dialog, click Show Advanced Options and navigate to the Curriculum tab.
  4. Click the Add a Curriculum Map button.

    • Classes must be scheduled on your timetable before adding a curriculum map.

    • You will be attaching and scheduling the units of a curriculum map to a class in your planner, so you will want to ensure that there are no units already attached to the time period you want the units to start. Generally, you will connect a map at the beginning of a school year.

    • To check that your units are available, navigate to the Week Planner and check that the Unit Tags are free for the class you want to add a curriculum map to. You can do this by clicking on the Unit Tags to show if they are blank and, therefore, free.

  5. On the Select a Curriculum Map dialog, search for the map name or the tags associated with the map. You can confirm it is the correct map by selecting it from the list and reviewing the associated standards and units.
  6. Once you select a map, click Next to assign the map to your class.
    You will now need to schedule your units. This will link units to your lessons according to your schedule, giving you access to unit content from your lessons while planning.
  7. Enter the Starting Date.
  8. Once you have chosen your units, click Schedule.
You can select all units or pick the specific units you want to connect to your planner starting on your chosen date. If you previously had units attached to your lessons this will overwrite all existing units and replace them. 
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