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Off-Days block out a day in the lesson planner, which prevents staff from creating lessons for that day. These can reflect days such as PD-Days, holidays, or unexpected days off due to weather. You can set off-days for staff that belong to a specific school or group or for the entire institution.

Set Off-Days

  1. From the Admin menu, select Organization Settings.
    • Optionally, you can set off-days for a School or Group by navigating to the Schools or Groups tab and selecting the school or group.
  2. Navigate to the Off-Days tab.
    1. Add a holiday to select from pre-existing national holidays by country for a specific date range.
      1. Click Add Holiday.
      2. Select a Country.
      3. Add a date range.
      4. Click Add.
    2. Add an off-day to create a custom off-day.
      1. Click Add Off-Day.
      2. Enter a Reason for the off-day.
      3. Enter a date range. Enter the same start and end date for a single day.
      4. Click Save.

Edit Off-Days

Once you have created an off-day, you can edit it by selecting it from the list.

  1. From the Admin menu, select Organization Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Off-Days tab and select an off-day.
  3. After clicking on an off-day, you can edit the reason and date range as needed.
    For example, after adding all national holidays, select Christmas Day to edit. Then, adjust the reason to Winter Break and change the start and end dates to reflect the whole break. This will ensure this time is blocked out for teachers automatically.

Remove Off-Days

To remove an off-day, move the pointer over an off-day and select the Delete or Remove action.

Removing off-days directly impacts teacher accounts for the institution. It can cause lessons to move back to this date if lessons have been planned ahead. Be aware of this before you make any major changes to off-days.
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