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Published and Draft Curriculum Maps

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In this article, we will cover the difference between a published map and a draft map and show you how to create each.

Published vs. Draft 

When work on a map has been completed, the next step is to publish the map. The main difference between a published and a draft version of a curriculum map is that when a map is published, it is made available to teachers in the school or institution to read-only. Once a map has been published, the published version can no longer be edited, and all comments made on the curriculum map will be removed.

Publishing a map will give teachers an official resource to work off of throughout the year. They can assign the map to their classes, which will assign units to lesson plans and allow them to insert unit content.

Creating a new draft version will allow revisions throughout the year without changing the published version.

Publish Map

  1. Choose the map you wish to publish from the curriculum map list. You can also search for the map by searching for the name or tags associated with the map. 
  2. Click on the Edit Draft button.
  3. To publish this map, click on the Options button, then click Publish
  4. If you are ready to publish this version of the map and make it available to teachers, click Yes

You will now see a published version of your map on the curriculum map list in the center, with today‚Äôs date showing when it was published. This will allow teachers to attach the curriculum map to their subjects and lesson plans. 

Create a Draft Version of a Published Map

If you want to make additional updates or edits to a published map, you must create a draft version. 

  1. Choose the published map from the curriculum map list. You can also search for the map by searching for the name or tags associated with the map.
  2. Click the New Draft button. This will copy the currently published map and allow you to edit it in a new draft. 

While you are editing the new draft version of your map, your published version will not change and will remain available to teachers as a read-only map.

Once you are finished making changes to the draft, you can re-publish it. This re-published version will automatically update for all teachers who are using this map to the newest version.

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