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Schoology Provisioning

Use Schoology Provisioning to sync your schools and users from Schoology. If you provision through PowerSchool SIS, you will not use Schoology Provisioning.

Specific roles and permissions are needed in both systems to authorize the data integration between Schoology and Curriculum & Instruction.

Schoology roles and permissions:

  • System Admin role for the school in Schoology.

  • System Admin role must have the Administer School permission enabled.

Curriculum & Instruction roles and permissions:

  • Admin role.

  • Rostering Sync Manager role.

PowerSchool enables the Rostering Sync manager role. Have a designated Support Contact contact PowerSchool for assistance.

Authorize the Connection Between Schoology and Curriculum & Instruction

The System Admin for the school in Schoology must authorize the data sync.

  1. Sign in to Curriculum & Instruction with your admin account.

  2. From the Admin menu, choose Organization Settings.

  3. Navigate to the Schoology Data Integration page.

  4. Click Sign in with Schoology.

  5. Verify the Schoology account is correct and click Approve. This account must be a System Admin for the school in Schoology.

  6. On the Schoology Data Integration tab, click Authorize Integration.

  7. On the confirmation dialog, review the confirmation information and click Confirm Authorization.

Remove Authorization

If you remove authorization, the Schoology data sync will discontinue and all integration settings will reset. If you want to reapply the Schoology integration, you will need to reauthorize the connection and reconfigure the data integration.

  1. On the Schoology Data Integration page, expand the Authorization of Data Integration section.

  2. Choose Remove Authorization.

  3. Review the warning tags and select Confirm Removal and Stop Syncing.

Test Run

Use the test run to verify the data to be rostered. The test run will not add or notify any users.

  1. On the Schoology Data Integration page, select Test Run Enabled, and then click Set up Sync.

  2. Configure your data integration.

  3. Review your Sync Log and resolve any errors in Schoology.

Run a test as often as needed to verify all errors are resolved before scheduling your sync.

Configure Data Integration

To configure the integration, you will first select which schools from Schoology you want to map to schools in Curriculum & Instruction. You can connect existing schools or create new schools in Curriculum & Instruction. Schools with a direct name match between Schoology and Curriculum & Instruction are automatically linked. After selecting schools, you will determine which Schoology roles can access Curriculum & Instruction and choose which schools you want to include users from.

  1. On the Map and Create Schoology Schools page, review the list of Schoology schools and do one of the following for each school:

    • Select the Curriculum & Instruction School you want to map to each Schoology School.

    • Select No School in the Curriculum & Instruction School field to skip the sync for the Schoology school.

    • Select Create New to create a new school record in Curriculum & Instruction.

  2. Select Sync Schools when you are done mapping all schools.

  3. On the Map User Roles page, select each Schoology Role you want to provision to Curriculum & Instruction.

  4. For each Schoology Role you provision, select the Curriculum & Instruction user role you want to associate with the Schoology role.

    1. Select edit (pencil icon) for the Curriculum & Instruction Role.

    2. Select the Curriculum & Instruction user roles and click Save.

  5. Select Apply Mapping.

  6. On the Sync Users from Schools page, select which schools you want users to be able to access the Curriculum & Instruction Lesson Planner.

  7. Click Sync Users.

  8. Choose whether to Send Welcome Email to New Users and click Confirm or Confirm and Send.

If you choose to send welcome emails, new Curriculum & Instruction users will be sent a welcome email with instructions on setting up their accounts. If you choose not to send, you can resend welcome emails from the Users page.

Sync Log

Use the sync log to review sync errors. Resolve errors in Schoology.

During a test run, PowerSchool recommends reviewing all log entries in detail to ensure the sync works as expected before scheduling the sync.

Schedule Sync

You can schedule your sync after you complete your test run and verify that your data will sync properly.

  1. Select Scheduled Sync Enabled.

  2. If needed, click Edit to change the time you want your sync to run.

  3. Choose whether you want the sync to Send Welcome Email to New Users.
    If you choose not to send, you can resend welcome emails from the Users page. Emails are not sent for test runs.

  4. Choose Set up Sync.

  5. Configure your data integration.

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