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Search curriculum maps

This is part of our Curriculum Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

Search maps

  1. From the toolbar, select Curriculum.

  2. Select Curriculum Maps, and enter your search term into the search bar.

  3. Choose to search the Map name or Map content only, or search both.

    • When you search map content:

      • You must enter at least three characters in the search before your results are displayed.

      • Matching unit content will be marked as having Results in content.

  4. Use the additional filters to narrow your results.

    • Tag: filter for maps that only have specific tags applied to them. These are unique to your district and are typically used to represent grade levels and subject areas. Tags are created while editing a curriculum map.

    • Owner: filter for maps owned by a specific school, group, or organization.

    • Academic Term: filter for maps with a specific academic term assigned or maps with no academic term assigned.

    • Status: filter for maps that have a Published or Draft version or that have been archived.

  5. Optionally, select a column header to sort the results. The default sort order will first display the maps you have worked on recently.

Once a filter is set, it will be remembered the next time you search. Use Reset Filters to remove all filtering.

Search individual or compared maps

Search individual curriculum maps to highlight results in the units.

Use the search while comparing curriculums to highlight results in all viewed maps. This is useful for determining whether the appropriate content is being covered. 

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