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Edit a Curriculum Map

This is part of our Curriculum Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

In this article, we will cover how to edit a curriculum map once it has been created. If your curriculum map has yet to be created, refer to Create Curriculum Map for more information. 

Curriculum supports real-time collaboration for curriculum maps.
  1. Open the curriculum map.
    • Once you have created a map, it will automatically take you to the platform where you can manage units and input content. If you wish to edit an existing map, select the map you wish to revise from the list on the Curriculum Maps page. You can also search for a map by searching for the name or tags associated with the map.
  2. In the summary information, click the Edit Draft button to revise the map.
    Now it’s time to start building your map. This part of the platform will allow you to create units, input content, manage standards coverage, and publish/export your curriculum map.
  3. To edit the settings for your map, click the Options menu and select the Settings option.
    • On the Curriculum Map Settings dialog, edit the name and color of the map, manage the standards and tags applied to the map, or change the map owner.
  4. To edit a Unit, select the Unit Settings button in the header.
    • On the Unit Settings dialog, you can set your Number, Title, and the suggested duration of the unit.
    • You can also edit the color of the unit, as well as manage the standards that are intended to be used in this unit.
  5. Now that you edited or created your Unit, you can add content to your map. To do so, hover over and click on the box you want to add content to. You can now type or copy and paste your content into the box. Each box supports the ability to format tables, add images and video links to outside resources, and integrate with Google Drive. As you add content to your map, it will auto-save your content.
  6. To add standards to the multi-text fields in your unit, click on the Standards button in any multi-text field.
    This will display all the standards sets added to this map.
    1. Click on the Add button to add any standards you would like to this unit. You can use the search feature at the top to search for any keywords associated with the standards you are looking for. All the standards will now be attached to your map.
    2. You can click on Remove to remove any standards you wish to remove from the unit.
    3. Once you are done, click Save

When editing standards for a text field in your unit, it will display up to three types of standard lists:

  1. Standards added to the Standards field in the Course Overview.
  2. Standards that were manually added to a Standards field in this section of the curriculum map.
  3. Any curriculum set(s) linked to this curriculum map in the map's settings.

To learn more about how to edit the standards assigned to your unit, refer to Assign Standards to Units in a Curriculum Map.

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