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Set Curriculum Map Unit Duration or Pacing

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This article is a guide on how you can set the unit duration or pace of your curriculum map. Unit Duration, or Pacing, is the suggested amount of time teachers will need to teach each unit successfully. It will also schedule the unit to that number of lessons when teachers assign the map to their subject.

You can edit from either Unit Content view or from Pacing Guide view. This article will cover both approaches.

Unit Content View

  1. Choose the map you wish to edit from the curriculum map list in the center. You can also search for a map by searching for the name or tags associated with the map.
  2. Click on the Edit Draft button.
  3. Select the Unit you want to set the suggested unit duration for, then select Edit Unit.
  4. In the Suggested Duration (Days) dialog, use the arrows to choose the number of days for this unit or type the number into the box.
  5. When you are done, click Save

Repeat these steps for each unit of your curriculum map.

Pacing Guide View

  1. Within a curriculum map, click on the Pacing tab.
  2. Click a Unit’s bar on the month or year calendar, then click Edit Duration on the tooltip that appears.
  3. From the Edit Suggested Unit Duration page, edit the suggested unit duration (number of lessons) and click Save.

The pacing guide will display the updated unit duration.

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