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Assessment Reports: Assessment Summary (AMP)

After creating and distributing Managed Assessments, educators can evaluate student results with Assessment Reports.

Results take 24 hours to populate in the Assessment Reports dashboard after students make submissions.

To open and review reports for Schoology Managed Assessments:

  1. Click AMP.
  2. Select Assessment Reports in the drop-down menu. This opens a tiled list of your managed assessments, in alpha-numeric order.

From this page, you can use the search field to search for managed assessments by title. You can use the Compare Assessments tool to compare multiple managed assessments.

To access more details of a single managed assessment, click the assessment tile to open the Assessment Summary dashboard for the selected managed assessment.

Assessment Summary

From the dashboard, you can review high-level information about the assessment and access different reports based on item performance, student scores, and mastery.

The Assessment Summary view contains:

  • Item Performance Summary
  • Student Scores Summary
  • Learning Objective Summary
  • Links to an Overall Results by Schools, Sections, Instructors, and Demographics

Item Performance Summary

The Item Performance chart displays the number of items in the assessment, and a circle graph shows your students’ performance based on their average score, color-coded in three bands:

  • High (Green): Greater than 75%.
  • Medium (Yellow): Between 50-75%.
  • Low (Red): Under 50%.

    Any edits made to a question after students have attempted the assessment appear as separate items in the report upon subsequent submissions. Therefore, the number of items displayed in the graph may be greater than the number of questions in the assessment.

The total number of students in each band displays in the report key.

Click View Item Performance to access a more granular breakdown of your students’ item performance on the assessment.

Student Scores Summary

The Student Scores table on the Assessment Summary page displays your students’ assessment information, including:

  • Average percentage score
  • Number of students represented in the report
  • The number of students in each scoring band:
    • 0-59%
    • 60-69%
    • 70-79%
    • 80-89%
    • 90-100%

Click View All Students to open the Overall Results table, which can be filtered by School, Section, Instructor, and/or Demographic.

Learning Objective Summary

The Learning Objective Attainment table displays the average mastery score for each learning objective aligned to the managed assessment.

Each objective is based on a standard 4-point scale and rounded to one decimal point.

Click View Learning Objectives to open the Mastery Results table, which can be filtered by School, Section, Instructor, and/or Demographic.

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