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Associating AMP Questions Banks to Managed Assessments

Add questions to your Managed Assessment by associating it with an existing Question Bank.

Associate a Question Bank:

  1. Open the assessment.
  2. Click +From Question Banks.
  3. Select Associate Question Banks.
  4. Select the question bank from which to draw questions for this assessment.
  5. Click Confirm.

Once you associate a question bank to your assessment, you can begin adding questions to it from that bank.

Add Questions to Your Assessment:

  • There is a limit of 200 questions per assessment.
  • You can continue to edit questions in an AMP Question Bank even after you have associated it to the assessment. Any edits will be reflected in all managed assessments that contain the edited question.
  • If any edits to a question alter the correct answer, any existing submissions can be automatically re-scored.
  1. Click +From Question Banks again.
  2. Select S to bring in individual questions, or select R to add a block of questions randomly chosen from the Question Bank.

Adding Individual Questions:

  1. Select Individual Question to manually choose individual questions from a question bank. You can enter a custom point value for each question, or apply the same point value to all the selected questions in the Set Points field. You can only view and select from Active questions in that question bank.
  2. Click Confirm to add the questions.

Adding Randomized Questions:

  • Enter the number of questions to add to your assessment from this bank. The assessment only pulls questions marked Active in the Question Bank when students take the test.
  • It is possible to enter a number in this field that is greater than the number of Active questions currently in the question bank. That way, you can continue to add questions to the bank without changing the total number on the assessment.

    If a question bank doesn’t have enough Active questions to meet the number indicated in an assessment, students will receive an error when they try to take it.

  • The Total Points field for the assessment automatically increases by the product of the number of questions and the points per question for this question set.

Adding More Questions:

As you continue to add questions, click +From Question Banks, then Associate Question Banks, and then Manage to see which AMP Question Banks are currently associated with the assessment.

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