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Audio: Standard Question Type

Use the Audio question type to allow students to record audio submissions and to support students with accommodations or any kind of learning need.

  • In order to view audio files uploaded to questions, you must add the following domains to your network's Allowed list:
    • *

    If your organization has a policy that prevents you from using a wildcard, download the full list of URLs that need to be added to the Allowed list. If you are unable to view media content, reach out to the Support Contact at your organization to confirm the above URLs have been added to the Allowed list.

  • Recording in assessments is not supported on the Schoology mobile apps. Students should submit audio recordings via the mobile browser or desktop.

Question Setup

Enter your question or instructions in the Question Setup field.

Click into the Question Setup field to access the Rich Text Editor. Hover your mouse over the individual icons to view the tooltip explaining the function of each button.

Maximum length

Enter a time limit for student responses in the Maximum length (seconds) field. The default is 600 seconds (10 minutes).

The recording limit for audio submissions is 10 minutes.

Author Notes

Enter Author Notes to explain why certain responses are incorrect, or which alternate answers are acceptable. If you have edit access to a question, you will see this field. This information will not display to students.

Align Learning Objectives or Rubrics

Click Learning Objectives to open the Learning Objectives browser window.

Click Browse/Search to find and add specific objectives.


Click Manage for objectives already aligned to the question.

Click Confirm to save the learning objectives.

Click Align Rubric to create a new rubric, or to add an existing rubric.

Once a rubric has been aligned, you can click the rubric icon (four squares) to view/edit the rubric or click X to remove the rubric from the question.

Check the Show to students box to display the rubric to students when they are taking the test.

If you set the rubric to Show to students, the rubric does not display in the question preview. However, students can view the rubric during the assessment.

Preview and Edit Question

To see how the question will appear to a student taking it in an assessment, click Preview Question.

To exit the preview screen and return to the question editor, click Edit Question.

Once you are finished editing the question, click Save.

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