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Chart: Enhanced Question Type (Enterprise Only)

The Chart question type enables students to review, create, or manipulate different kinds of charts in response to a question prompt.

Question Setup

Enter your question into the Question Setup field.

Use the Rich Text Editor, which displays when you click into the field, to apply formatting such as bold and italics, or to insert images or tables. Hover your mouse over the individual icons to display the tooltip explaining the function of each button.

From the Question Setup field you can specify additional chart parameters:

  • Title–Add a name for the chart.
  • Max Y Axis–Set the highest value for the Y axis.
  • X-Axis and Y-Axis Title–Add labels for the axes.

In the X-Axis Setup area, you can set values for the points on the X axis of the graph:

  • Label–Add a label for each chart bars.
  • Value–Select the initial value at which to set the point when students access the question.
  • Interactive–Select if you want to enable students to change the value of the point (that is, to drag the point along the Y axis).

Click +Points to add more points to the chart. Click X beside a point to remove it.

Correct Answer Setup and Scoring Options 

Set the correct answer in Correct Answer Setup. The chart you created in Question Setup displays in the Correct tab. Drag each point to its correct value.

Add a Correct Response Threshold to set a distance from the correct answer which a student can set the point and still receive credit. For example, if the correct value for one chart point is 50, and you set the threshold to 5, a student can set the point anywhere from 45-55 and receive credit for a correct answer.

Click Ignore Order if students may ignore the order of the points in the chart.

Additional Setup Options

Select more chart attributes in the Additional Setup Options area.

Chart Layout

Choose from one of five alternatives in the Chart Type menu:

  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Histogram Chart
  • Histogram with Line Point enabled
  • Dot Plot Chart
  • Line Plot Chart

Select the interval at which students can set the point in the Snap to Points box. For example, add to enable students to set the points at intervals of 5 units.

If your chart is a histogram you can:

  • Display or remove X and Y gridlines on the chart in the Gridlines menu.
  • Check the Multicolor Bars box to have each of the bars in the histogram chart display in a different color. Unchecking this box displays all boxes in the chart in one uniform color.

User Controls

Set additional options for students interacting with chart points:

  • Add New Points–Enable students to add new points to the chart by clicking the Add Data button which displays in the question.
  • Edit Point Label–Enable students to edit the data point labels.
  • Delete Point–Enable students to delete a data point.
  • Reorder Points–Enable students to reorder the data points. This setting is not available for line charts.

Author Notes

Enter Author Notes to explain why certain choices are incorrect, or why you chose to allocate a certain percentage of possible points to alternate answers. If you have edit access to a question, this field will display. This information will not display to students.

Align Learning Objectives

Click Learning Objectives to open the Learning Objectives browser window.

Click Browse/Search to find and add specific objectives.

Click Manage for objectives already aligned to the question.

Click Confirm to save the learning objectives.

Preview and Edit Question

Click Preview Question to access the question from the student display.

To exit the preview screen and return to the question editor, click Edit Question.

Once you finish editing the question, click Save.

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