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Converting Test/Quiz Question Banks to Item Banks (Course Assessments)

If you have a Question Bank for tests/quizzes in your Resources, you can copy the bank into an Item Bank to be used in course assessments.

To convert an existing test/quiz question bank to an item bank:

  1. Locate the desired question bank(s) in your Personal or Group Resources.
  2. Click the checkbox to select one or more question banks.

    Selecting a folder will not convert all question banks within that folder. To convert multiple question banks within a folder, open the folder and click the checkbox at the top to select all items. You will need to deselect any materials that are not question banks before converting.

  3. Click Edit at the top.
  4. Select Convert to Item Bank in the drop-down menu.
    If you are converting a single question bank, you may click the gear icon and select Convert to Item Bank.
  5. Select the collection and folder (optional) to where you want to add the converted bank and click Convert to complete.

    All question banks converted in the same operation must have the same destination. If you would like to convert a group of question banks and place them in multiple destinations, group the question banks based on destination or move the item banks once they have been created.

  6. You can check the status of the conversion in Transfer History.
  7. Once the conversion is complete, the new item bank is available in the Resource collection and folder you specified. You may use the folder in your Transfer History to navigate to the new item bank(s). The conversion process may take some time depending on the size of your item bank. The item bank may initially display in your resources however the items may still be undergoing conversion.

In Resources, the original question bank is not affected when converting a test or quiz to an item bank. A copy of each question, independent of its source question bank, is created in the new item bank. If you update the original question in Resources, this does not update the copy of that question in the converted item bank.

By default, the converted item bank will be named with the title of the source question bank and the time and date of the conversion. You can change the title directly in the item bank from the Actions menu.

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