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Course Assessments: Rescoring

Instructors may need to alter the correct answer setup in an assessment after students have already completed it. If any edits change the correct answer, the existing submissions will now be automatically rescored.

Scores are based on the assessment content and answer criteria at the time the assessment began. Rescoring should not be run while students are still taking the assessment.

Rescoring Submissions

Rescoring is available for the following question types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Matching
  • Ordering
  • Fill in the Blank Text
  • Fill in the Blank Dropdown
  • Fill in the Blank Drag and Drop
  • Label Image
  • Highlight Hotspot
  • Highlight Text
  • Number Line
  • Chart

To rescore an assessment:

GIF of how to rescore an assessment.

  1. Navigate to the desired question in the assessment and edit Correct Answer Setup to make any necessary changes.
  2. Click Save to confirm.
  3. You will be prompted to rescore any existing submissions for the item you saved. Select Rescore Submissions to confirm. Select Don’t Rescore if you wish to opt out of rescoring existing submissions.

    If you select Don’t Rescore in error or to skip the step, you can navigate back to edit question mode and select Rescore submissions when you are ready to proceed with rescoring submissions.

  4. Existing submissions are rescored and updated in the assessment and gradebook.

Additional Information and Best Practices

  • After submissions are rescored, existing submissions are still displayed as students saw it at the time of submission. This is to preserve the integrity of the item and submission at the time it was taken.
  • Additionally, the following message is displayed to instructors and students next to each rescored item on the submission page: This item has been rescored and the preview may not display the correct answer.
  • It may take a few minutes for submissions to be rescored. If you notice rescore processing times exceeding 1 hour please contact Schoology Support.
  • Submission scores are based on the answer choice students selected, and not the content. For this reason, you should not edit the content in the answer choice field if it alters the correct answer. For example, if you must change the order of the answer choices, then drag and drop the answer choice boxes in Correct Answer Setup to reflect the correct order. Do not alter the text in the answer choice text boxes to update the correct order or answer. This does not generate a rescore.
  • Similarly, if you add new content to the assessment, such as additional possible answer choices or options, the rescore may not run as intended since existing submissions will not display this additional content. Therefore, you should consider creating a new assessment rather than using the rescore option.

Edits that Generate a Rescore

  • If you edit the Correct Answer Setup, this will generate a rescore for existing submissions.
  • If you edit Possible Answers in Matching question type, this will generate a rescore for existing submissions. For example, if you correct a misspelled answer choice and rescore submissions, existing submissions will be scored incorrectly since the selected answer does not match exactly with the updated answer. In this case, you should save your changes and opt out of rescoring.
  • If you remove answer options or add new content such as additional possible answers or options, this will generate a rescore. However, since new content is being added, you should consider creating a new assessment rather than rescoring.
  • If you change answer options to lowercase or uppercase in Matching, Fill in the Blank Dropdown, Fill in the Blank Drag and Drop, Label Image, and Number Line, this will generate a rescore for existing submissions. These question types are case-sensitive.
  • Point label content in Chart is also case sensitive. Any edits in this area will generate a rescore for existing submissions.
  • If you enable or disable the Case Sensitive option in Fill in the Blank, this will generate a rescore for existing submissions.
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