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Course Materials: Files/Links

To add a File or Link:

  1. Click the Add Materials drop-down menu and select Add File/Link/External Tool.
  2. To add a file:
    1. Click File.
    2. Click Attach Files and browse the file(s) to add. To select multiple files, hold down the Shift or Ctrl key as you choose files.

      The upload limit is 512 MB per file.

  3. To add a link:
    1. Click Link.
    2. Enter a URL or embed code.
    3. Enter a title for your link.
  4. From Options, you can:
    • Click Align Course Objectives to align the file or link to learning objectives.
    • Click Published to Students to display the file or link to your students.
    • Click Copy to Courses to copy the file or link to a different course. Edit the new version of the file without altering the original.
  5. Click Add to complete.

When you add a link, click the Open in Schoology icon (default setting) to open the linked webpage in an iframe within the course.

Not all websites can be displayed within an iframe. This restriction exists within the code of the website and is determined by the website owner.

To view the link in a new window, click on the same icon to change the setting, or click on the Open icon.

Files and links can also be created within course folders, or added to folders after their creation.

After you add a link to a course, click the gear icon and select Edit to change its URL or title, or any of the Advanced features described in step 4 above.

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