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Course Privacy Settings

Course admins can adjust the privacy settings on each course they administer to control who can review and access all areas of their course.

From the menu of the course profile, click Course Options, and select Edit Privacy/Course Settings to review and adjust your course privacy settings.

Course Privacy Settings may not be available depending on the settings in place at your school or organization. Contact your System Administrator with any questions.

Course Privacy Settings

Set the privacy settings for your course profile, including:

  • Updates
  • Materials
  • Roster
  • Calendar

The following list describes the privacy levels you may set for each area:

Everyone: The feature is available to anyone with access to the Internet. This includes non-Schoology members worldwide.
Schoology Users: The feature is available to users logged in to Schoology. This includes Schoology users in other schools.
Organization: The feature is available to all users in your organization (for example, Schoology District, Schoology High School, and Schoology Middle School).
School: The feature is available to users in the same school (Schoology High School or School of Education for example). Users in multiple schools can access features marked at the School privacy level in all of the buildings they're associated with.
Course: The feature is available to members enrolled in the course.
No One: The feature is hidden from everyone.

Keep in mind that system administrators may set the course privacy setting at the system level. In which case, course admins may only adjust course privacy settings to further tighten the privacy settings, rather than open up the privacy. For example, if the course privacy setting for Course Profile is set to School at the system settings level, the course admin of a particular course can opt to further limit the course privacy setting for their course to Course or No One. It is not possible to open up the privacy level to Schoology Users or Everyone since these settings are a less strict privacy level than School.

Other Settings

Use this area to enable or disable the following permissions for All Members or Course Admins only:

  • Post course updates
  • Comment on course updates
  • Edit responses on discussion responses

Parent Settings

Parent Settings options help maintain the anonymity of course members by checking either Anonymous members names or Hide comments and posts.

Parents can access courses for any enrolled child associated with their account. They cannot edit, submit, or participate in the course. Course admins can set the following permissions to help maintain the anonymity of course members from parents:

  • Anonymous member names: All member names will display as Anonymous except their children and course admins.
  • Hide comments/posts: Hides all member comments and posts except those posted by their children and course admins.

Click Save Changes if you're adjusting any course privacy settings to confirm your change. Users who attempt to access a course that is prohibited based on the course privacy settings will see a Private Access Only message displayed:

Private Access Only message displayed to parents who try to access a prohibited course.

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