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Creating Course Materials for the Elementary Experience (Enterprise)

Teachers can create course materials for the Elementary Experience the same way as they do for other courses. Elementary Experience provides a Featured Image option to attach to folders and material types within the course. This image displays with the folder or material type to help enhance your course content and engage young learners. There is a default image available, but teachers may opt to add their own image. This enables teachers to further customize and enhance their materials to increase student engagement. For example, a teacher may already have a theme for their elementary course and this can be incorporated into the Featured Image option.

  • The Elementary theme must be enabled in your course to use the Featured Image option. If you can not access the Course Theme option in your course settings, reach out to your Support Contact.
  • The Featured Image option is not available in Resources. When creating materials for elementary, teachers should create materials in courses first.

To add a featured image:

  1. From your course, click Add Materials and choose the content type.
      • Assignments

      • Tests/Quizzes
      • Assessments
      • Files and Links
      • External Tools
      • Discussions
      • Pages
      • Media Albums
      • Packages
    • Click Edit Image from the Featured Image section in the Create form for your selected material type.
    • Click Upload and select a file from your device. The file size limit is 5 MB. It is recommended to use square format images (120 x 120) to avoid distortion.
    • Click X to confirm the image and return to the form.
    • Fill out the remainder of the form and click Create to complete.

    Each material type is displayed in a simplified, full-page view:

    Assignment view in the Elementary experience.

    Organizing My Course Content

    Elementary teachers can organize their course content in the same way they do in other courses. The Elementary Experience supports the use of folders so you may wish to organize your content into folders by day or topic.

    Additionally, you can use the Featured Image option to add your own unique images that will differentiate course content and folders from other items.

    The Folder display in the Elementary Experience.

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