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Creating Managed Assessments (AMP)

Adding a Schoology Managed Assessment

Once you've established Assessment Teams and created Managed Question Banks, it's time to start creating Managed Assessments!

To create a new Managed Assessment, click AMP and select Assessment Teams from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select a team from the list of Assessment Teams.
  2. Click Add Resources.
  3. Select Add Managed Assessment from the drop-down menu.

Managed Assessment Settings

As a member or admin of an Assessment Team, you can enable the settings on a Managed Assessment that it retains when distributed to students across sections in your school. These settings are universal in that they apply to all students who take the test. If you make changes to the settings on the assessment within AMP, the settings are reflected automatically when a student begins a new attempt, resumes an attempt, or accesses a submitted attempt for that assessment.

The Managed Assessment Settings Page.

  • Attempt Limit: Specify the number of times students can take this assessment. There is a maximum of 20 attempts.
  • View Submissions: Allow students to review their submissions, their submissions plus the correct answers, or select No to prevent students from accessing their submissions. This setting is "No" by default.
  • Question Point Value: Hide or display how many points each question is worth for students taking the assessment.
  • Randomize Order: Enable Randomize Order to ensure that each student accesses the questions on the assessment in a different and randomly selected order.

    This option is different from Adding Randomized Questions from a question bank to an assessment, which randomly selects a given number of questions from the pool of questions in your associated managed question bank.

  • Time Limit: Set a time limit for the assessment. Students who have not finished before the time limit is up have their assessments automatically submitted with the answers they have completed.
  • Flag for Review: Allow students to flag an item for review while they take the assessment.
  • Eliminate Choices: Allow students to eliminate answer choices on certain question types.
  • Show Calculator: Enable a basic or scientific calculator for students to access during the entire assessment.
  • Show Ruler: Enable a 15 cm or 6-inch ruler for students to access during the entire assessment.
  • Show Protractor: Enable a basic or scientific calculator for students to access during the entire assessment.
  • Text to Speech: Enable a toolbar with a Text to Speech function that displays within the assessment delivery experience.
  • Highlight Text: Allow students to use the highlighting tool to emphasize key information in the text they are reading while answering questions on an assessment. Instructors can’t access highlights, and they do not persist after students submit their attempts.
  • Show Notepad: Enable a notepad for students to access during the entire assessment.
  • Question Review: All students who take an assessment have the option to review the questions and change the answers before submitting. This is automatically enabled for all Managed Assessments and cannot be turned off.
  • Resumable: All managed assessments are resumable. This is automatically enabled for Managed Assessments and cannot be turned off.
  • Instructor Preview: Allow instructors who are admins in the courses to which the assessment is distributed to preview the managed assessment as it displays to students.
  • Availability Window: Set a date and time when the managed assessment is available to students.
  • Daily Submission Window: Set a daily time when student submissions are accepted. This option is displayed when Availability Window is enabled.
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