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Distributing Managed Assessments (AMP)

Once your team has finished building the assessment and you have the status set to Active, you're ready to distribute it to course sections at your school. Once you've distributed the assessment, course administrators in your organization can then incorporate it into their course sections and gradebook.

In order to distribute or remove managed assessments in course sections, users must:

1. Have the Administer managed assessments permission enabled.


2. Have the Access managed assessments permission AND be a member of the Assessment Team.

Add the Assessment to Sections

  1. Click AMP and select Assessment Teams.
  2. Select the relevant Assessment Team.
  3. First, open the managed assessment and click the circle icon to make sure you have changed the Assessment Status from Draft to Active.

    Circle icon with the dotted line changes the assessment status from Draft to Active.

    • Once the Assessment Status is changed from Draft to Active, you can no longer edit this version of the assessment. In order to add or remove questions, change the instructions, or alter the settings, you must create a new version of the assessment. Additionally, you cannot set the assessment back to Draft once you’ve changed its status.
    • You can continue to edit questions in an AMP Question Bank even after you have associated it to the assessment. Any edits will be reflected in all managed assessments that contain the edited question.
    • If any edits to a question alter the correct answer, any existing submissions can be automatically rescored.
  4. Return to the Assessment Teams area and click the gear icon from the assessment title.
  5. Select Add to Sections from the drop-down menu.
  6. Fill out the search form to find the sections in which to distribute the assessment:
    • The more fields you fill out, the more specific your results will be. For example, searching "English" in the Course Name field yields all courses at your school with "English" in the title. Searching "English" in the Course Name field and "Jones" in the Instructor Last Name field narrows down your results to show only English courses taught by Ms. Jones.
    • If your sections are linked, the managed assessment is added to all the sections.
    • Sections that already contain the managed assessment are grayed out in the search window.
  7. Click Search.
  8. Select the correct section(s). To add the managed assessment to all sections in the search results, click Select All.
  9. Click Add to Sections to complete. Depending on the number of sections to which you distribute the assessment, you can view the progress of the action in your Transfer History.

Managed assessments are automatically distributed as Unpublished (hidden from students) and submissions are Disabled in course sections. Course admins can publish the assessment from the gear icon on the Materials page and enable submissions from the Edit modal.

Removing Assessments from Sections

If you accidentally distribute an assessment to the wrong section, you can remove it from that section:

  1. In the AMP Team, click the gear icon from the assessment name.
  2. Select Remove from Sections.
  3. Within the Associated Sections list, select the section(s) from which you want to remove the assessment. Clicking the section title automatically removes it from the window, so you are left with the list of sections that currently contain the assessment.
  4. Click Remove Selected to delete the assessment from the sections you removed.
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