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District Objective Library Management (System Admins)

Review District Objectives

As a System Admin, you can view your district objectives by navigating to Tools, then School Management, then Grade Settings. Select the District Objectives tab to view the parent objectives and learning objectives you created during the import process.

Grade Settings displaying imported District Learning Objectives

The folder icons represent parent objectives. Click into different folders to navigate through the hierarchy.

At the lowest level, the icons change to a target. These are your learning objectives that can be associated with individual graded items.

Grade Settings with the lowest level Learning Objectives displaying a target icon.

You can use the breadcrumbs along the top of this view to navigate back up your tree and explore any branch you created.

Add Objectives

Above the list of existing objectives, you can add new objectives. Based on where you are in your district hierarchy, you will have the option to add either a parent objective or a learning objective.

Clicking this button will launch a modal where you can input all the necessary information for an objective.

As in the import file, title and external ID are required. Type and parent ID are determined by where you are in your tree when you select the Add button.

Pay attention to where you add an objective in the hierarchy. They cannot be moved from one parent objective to another.

Reorder Objectives

You can reorder parent objectives and learning objectives to change the order in which they are displayed in the library. The display order in the District Objective Library is the same order instructors will see at the course level when selecting learning objectives to align with course materials. You may only reorder the display order within each level; it is not possible to reorder the district mastery hierarchy or move objectives from one level to another.

To reorder parent objectives or objectives:

  1. Click Reorder.
  2. Click the arrows next to the parent objective or objective and drag the item to the order you wish to have it displayed.
  3. Click Save Order.
    Animation of the process to reorder Learning Objectives.

Edit Objectives

To edit an objective, click the gear icon next to the objective listing and then click Edit.

Make any necessary changes then click Save.

The external ID must be unique. You cannot change the external ID to any existing external ID in your library.

Remove an Objective from the Library

Removing an objective will depend on whether or not it has been aligned to any materials.

If a learning objective has not been aligned to any materials, it can be deleted and completely removed from your library. If a parent objective is being removed, and no learning objectives under it have been aligned to any materials, the parent objective and all objectives under it can be deleted and completely removed from your library.

If a learning objective has been aligned to one or more materials, it will be archived. An archived objective will remain aligned to materials and available in reports, but cannot be aligned to any future materials.

If a parent objective contains one or more learning objectives that have been aligned to materials, the branch for every aligned learning objective will be archived. All non-aligned objectives will be deleted.

Can I remove an entire library?

Yes, you can delete the district objective library and re-import an updated or new library, if required. You may choose to use this option in cases where the initial library import was incorrect (due to an inconsistent learning objectives hierarchy) and a new import is required.

You can delete the district library by clicking Delete Library from the District Objectives area.

Deleting a district objective library cannot be undone. Follow the steps outlined in District Objective Library Import to re-import the objective library.

Why do I see two tabs for objectives in my Grade Settings area?

District Mastery is a solution that can be enabled by building within your organization. For that reason, some buildings may be using District Mastery, while others are still on the previously existing mastery tool.

You will manage your objectives for buildings using District Mastery in the District Objectives tab. If you have custom objectives you would like your other buildings to have access to, you can create and manage those in your Learning Objectives tab. The two tabs appear similar but are not connected in any way.

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