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HTML5 Audio/Video Recorder (Enteprise Only)

Since Adobe announced end-of-life support for Flash Player, Schoology is no longer using Flash technology. The flash-based audio-video recorder has now been replaced with a HTML5-based audio/video recorder. With this update, you will no longer receive prompts in your browser to download or enable Flash when using the recorder.

The HTML5 recorder is currently compatible with certain browsers.

Which areas of Schoology can I use the HTML5 recorder?

The audio/video recorder can be used in the following areas of Schoology:


  • Update
  • Assignment
  • Event
  • Messages
  • User profile update
  • School profile update
  • Blog post


  • Assignment - attachment
  • Assignment submission
  • Test/Quiz - Instructions
  • Test/Quiz - Question stimulus
  • Test/Quiz - Student response (Short Answer/Essay Question when Allow video or audio answers for students is enabled)
  • Discussion
  • Discussion comments
  • Page
  • Update
  • Event


  • Update
  • Discussion
  • Discussion comments
  • Group Resources


  • Assignment
  • Discussion
  • Page
  • Test/Quiz directions
  • Test/Quiz short answer question
  • Question bank questions
  • Discussion
  • Page

How do I use the HTML5 recorder?

In any of the above-mentioned areas in Schoology that allow the HTML5 recorder:

  1. Click the microphone
    icon in the rich text editor window.
  2. Click:
    • Audio to record an audio file.
    • Audio & Video to record a video file. You must have a webcam or camera on your device to record a video file.
  3. When using the recorder for the first time, the browser will display a prompt to allow the microphone or camera. Click Allow to continue using the recorder:

  4. Click Start Recording to begin your recording.

    The audio recorder does not begin until you click Record, and it detects sounds. It may take significant noise - for example, clapping your hands, or tapping the microphone, for the recording to detect the 'start' sound and begin recording.

  5. Click Stop Recording to end your recording.
  6. To preview your recording before posting, click the play button after the recording has ended.
  7. Click Insert Recording to attach your recording to the update.

    • The recorder uploads the file during recording so there is less processing time when the video or audio recording has been completed.
    • When the file is attached, it will be converted into a readable format. Please allow time for the conversion to complete.
    • Please ensure you have the latest version of your browser installed as well as the updated versions of our System Requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which browsers are compatible with the HTML5 audio/video recorder?

  • The following browsers support the HTML5 A/V recorder:
    • Chrome (web)
    • Firefox (web)
    • Edge (latest version based on Chromium)
  • The following browsers do not support the HTML5 A/V recorder:
    • Internet Explorer (web)
    • Safari (web)
  • If you attempt to use the HTML5 recorder on an unsupported browser, the following message will be displayed:

Can I use the HTML5 recorder if I do not have an internet connection?

  • The HTML5 recorder allows you to continue to record audio or video, even if there is no existing internet connection. You can download the recording once it’s complete and you can upload it at a later time.

Can I record in assessments and managed assessments?

  • Instructors can record audio and video in assessment and managed assessment questions with the built-in recorder.
  • Students can record audio and video in assessment and managed assessment submissions on the Audio and Video question types.
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