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Lesson Planner

Schoology and Lesson Planner offer an integration that gives system administrators and instructors the ability to access their schedule and course lesson planning all in one integrated system.

Before you can begin utilizing Lesson Planner within your Schoology courses, your system administrator has to install the app for your School.

Connect Lesson Planner to Schoology

Before you can begin using Lesson Planner with Schoology, you first have to connect your Schoology account to your Curriculum and Instruction account. You can connect your accounts from either the Curriculum and Instruction product or from your Schoology account. To connect Lesson Planner from your Schoology account:

  1. Click on Lesson Planner from your Course Navigation menu.

  2. Check to authorize the connection.

  3. Click Approve.

Open Lesson Planner from Schoology

After you have connected your Schoology account to your Lesson Planner account, you can access your schedule and lessons from your Schoology courses.

  1. Click Lesson Planner from your Course Options.

  2. Lesson Planner will open in a new window.

  3. Within Lesson Planner you can access your schedule, plan your lessons for your courses, and track standards.

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