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Migrating Questions from Schoology Resources to AMP

After adding tests/quizzes, question banks, or assessments to your Schoology Resources area, you can convert them to questions to use in Assessment Management Platform (AMP) question banks, as well.

Item banks for course assessments cannot be converted to AMP question banks.

Converting Existing Schoology test and quiz questions to AMP:

  1. Click Resources in the header.
  2. Locate the test/quiz, question bank, or assessment in your Personal or Group Resources.
  3. Click the gear icon for the item you want to convert for use in AMP assessments.
  4. Click Convert to AMP Question Bank.
  5. Choose the destination team and folder where you want to add the converted questions and click Convert. Users can only migrate questions into teams in which they're enrolled
  6. Once the conversion is complete, you can use the link in Transfer History to navigate directly to your new question bank.

  7. A new managed question bank is now available in the Assessment team you specified. This question bank contains the questions converted from your test/quiz, assessment or question bank.
  8. The new questions are set to Draft mode by default, and you can now edit and use them within AMP.

    By default, the converted managed question bank will be named with the title of the source material and the time and date of the conversion. You can change the title of this converted managed question bank.

  • Question banks must contain 200 questions or fewer to convert into AMP.
  • You cannot convert Questions from course sections, only from tests/quizzes or question banks in Resources.
  • You must belong to at least one Assessment team to have the Convert Questions to Managed Question Bank option in the gear menu for test/quizzes or question banks.
  • Migrating questions from Resources into AMP always creates a new managed question bank. You can't add questions to existing AMP question banks using the conversion option.
  • Questions in tests/quizzes, assessments, or question banks in Resources are unaffected by this migration. A copy of each question, not connected to its source question, is created in the AMP question bank.
  • Questions are automatically set to Draft mode upon migration. Edit the question, or add a rubric or learning objective, before adding it to a managed assessment.
  • To check how many questions a test/quiz in Resources has, go to the Edit Questions view. The number of questions in the question bank displays in the Resources list view.
  • When converting Schoology test/quiz fill-in-the-blank questions to AMP fill-in-the-blank text questions: If the total number of correct answer permutations requires the creation of more than 32 correct-answer tabs, the question will not convert to AMP.
    • This situation may occur if a question contains multiple blanks, and each blank accepts multiple different correct responses. For example:
      • Blank 1 accepts "dog," "puppy," or "canine"
      • Blank 2 accepts "cat," "kitten," or "feline"
      • Blank 3 accepts "cow," "calf," or "bovine"
      To capture every correct answer permutation, there must be 27 tabs in the AMP Correct Answer Setup:
    • Tab 1–dog, cat, and cow
    • Tab 2–dog, cat, and calf
    • Tab 3–dog, cat, and bovine
And so on, with each tab capturing a different permutation of correct answer combinations. In this case, adding even one more blank with more than one correct answer at least doubles the number of permutations, and the question would not convert into AMP. Unsuccessful fill-in-the-blank conversions do not affect other questions being converted.
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