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Printing Assessments


Instructors can print assessments and manage assessments from their courses. Printing allows instructors to better support students who need accommodations and gives them more flexibility to administer assessments.

  • Learn more about scanning printed assessments for auto-grading submissions here: Scanning Paper Assessments (AMP only).
  • Alternatively, instructors may enter submissions on behalf of students using Observational Grading for Assessments.

Print an Assessment from a Course

Assessments and managed assessments can be printed from within a course by opening the assessment.

  1. Click Actions in the top right corner.
  2. Select Print Assessment from the drop-down menu.
  3. From the Print Format Options modal, select the layout of the assessment and choose whether to print an answer key. These settings must be selected every time an assessment is printed.
  4. Click Confirm to open a new tab with a preview of the printable assessment. From there, instructors can use their browser settings to print, save as a PDF, or take screenshots.

    The preview of the printed assessment does not display page breaks. The browser-level print settings preview will reflect the page breaks.

What information is included in the printed assessment?

The following information appears on the printed assessment:

  1. The name of the course.
  2. The name of the instructor.
  3. The name of the assessment.
  4. The instructions for the assessment.
  5. A blank to write the date.
  6. A blank field to write the student's name and/or ID info.
  7. A total score box with the total possible points for the assessment and space to enter the student's score for the entire assessment.
  8. Each question prompt and response options.
  9. The possible points for each question and a space to enter a question-level score.

Click the attachment at the bottom of this article to download a sample PDF of a printed assessment.

The randomize questions order setting is not supported when printing assessments.

Answer Keys for Printed Assessments

Answer Keys can be optionally printed with an assessment. The answer key is based on the primary Correct Answer Setup for each question. Additional tabs of the Correct Answer Setup for a question can be viewed by logging into Schoology and opening the question setup.

Entering Data from a Printed Assessment

Once a student has taken a printed assessment, you can decide how to enter the student’s grades back into Schoology. You have the following options:

  • Grade the paper test manually and enter the overall grade into Schoology as an override, either from the Attempts tab of the Assessment or directly into the Gradebook.
  • Grade the paper test manually and enter the score for each question into Schoology as an override.

    This option is not available for managed assessments (AMP) since instructors cannot override scores for automatically graded questions.

    Enter the student’s response for each question into Schoology so that the question-level scores and overall score for the assessment can be automatically calculated, the same way it would if the student had taken the assessment online.
  • Any combination of the above.

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