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Reattaching Google Drive Assignments

This article refers to the Google Drive Assignments app by Schoology. Organizations using the Google Assignments app by Google may copy assignments to courses and retain the Google file attachment.

Since we are leveraging Google's permission-sharing capabilities, and the Google Drive assignment can only be shared with the teacher who created the assignment and the students who open it, Google Drive assignments are not portable.

When Schoology Assignments are copied to other courses or saved to Resources, the assignment will only retain information that is native to Schoology (assignment title, description, etc.) and static files (links, PDFs, etc.). Google Drive Assignments will not remain attached. Google Drive Assignments will require manual re-attachment once the Schoology assignment has been added to its destination course.

As a best practice, be sure to match the names of your Google Drive content and Schoology Assignment to utilize the search function easily when re-attaching.

Only Google Drive content added through the Google Drive Assignments app will detach. Shareable links added in the description field of assignments will remain.

Re-attaching Google Drive Assignments

Step 1

Once the assignment has been copied to the destination course, re-attach the Google Drive content to the assignment by clicking the gear icon and selecting Edit.

Click Edit to re-attach a Google Drive Assignment.

Step 2

Within the Edit Assignment window, click Google Drive Assignments.

Step 3

Use the search bar or scroll to find the desired Google Drive content.

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