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Resource Apps

Dropbox users outside of Canada.

Resource Apps integrate third-party content, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox, directly into the Resource Center. This means that all of your personal, shared, public, and external instructional resources are consolidated in one place.

Install the App to Your Resources

  1. If you're accessing the My Resource Apps area for the first time, you may see a button to Install Apps.
  2. Select the Resource of your choice.
  3. Click Install to complete.

You can also install the Resource Apps from the App Center. For full details on using the App Center, visit the App Center article.

Your access to the App Center depends on the settings in place at your school (Enterprise).

Connect to Your Third Party Account

Apps installed in your Schoology account often need authorization to perform tasks or permission to access areas of Schoology. This process is required in order to utilize Resource Apps in Schoology.

  1. Once you've installed the Resource App to your Resources, click the app.
  2. Approve access and click on the button to Authorize your account.
  3. Enter the Username and Password you use to log into the third-party account.
  4. Click Accept to connect.
  5. All of your content will automatically populate your Resource App.
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